GJC prides itself on the personal attention and exceptional quality of service we provide to each and every client.



GJC utilizes a “team” approach in serving our clients. Each staff member assigned to the client team is given a specific role on the engagement, based on his or her level of professional expertise and his or her knowledge of the particular business or service provided by the client. To augment our service capability, as an independent member of the BDO ALLIANCE USA, we may use professionals from BDO USA, other Alliance firms, or third-party reviewers to assist us in conducting or reviewing audits or related services. We believe this additional expertise gives our firm, and our clients, the best possible service and performance on our engagements.

This approach also contributes to a detailed understanding of the client’s interests and objectives, which allows our team members to provide high-quality, responsive service. Through continuous communication and planning, GJC is able to effectively manage each client engagement, address and resolve important issues as they arise, and discuss solutions to current business, operational, and accounting and auditing matters affecting all types of engagements.

It is essential that a company choose an auditor who has the industry-specific experience and understanding to perform each engagement with the highest degree of excellence. With our team of knowledgeable professionals, plus additional skill from the BDO ALLIANCE USA, GJC has the necessary qualifications and practical experience to provide each client with an engagement that is effectively managed, thorough, and reliable.

The technical competence of our team members is maintained through continuing education programs provided by in-house and national training courses and seminars. These programs focus on accounting, auditing, and other topics related to employee benefit plans and non-profit organizations, which are our two most significant areas of practice.

In addition to continuing professional education, we recognize the need for an accounting firm to remain up-to-date on changing rules and regulations within a particular industry. Thus, our firm is dedicated to providing our clients with valuable, industry-specific publications and presentations on emerging issues affecting their companies. These include the Informer, a newsletter that is posted on our website three times a year, as well as client seminars.